The evening event added by CM is Swing into the 60s

The evening event added by CM is Swing into the 60s. It’s a new Coin Master event that refers to the music of the ’60s, I guess, so it’s not certain!

Completing those discs is a simple one: in a hammer attack you will be rewarded with 2 discs (in case you attacked without a shield) and 3 discs if it has a shield.

For the Piglet Raid you will be rewarded with 4 discs if it is simply a raid, and if you succeed in a perfect raid you will be rewarded with 5 discs.

When you meet the 3-disc symbol, you will be rewarded with 12 discs! I want you to keep in mind that the number of discs received depends a lot on the stake you play. What I specified above is for the simple stake of x 1.

In the example in which you will increase the stake to x20, everything changes and will become as follows: hammer attack: 40 discs (without shield), shield hammer attack 60 discs, normal raid 80 discs, perfect raid 100 discs, and for those 3 disc symbols, 240 discs.

I also want to add that parallel to this event that will last 70 hours, is the ‘Lava lamp Champ Tournament’, a tournament valid for about 15 hours that will offer you rewards for everything, referring to attacks, raids! I wish you much success and let’s hear from you!

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Frequently asked questions
How do i get free spins on Coin Master?
    By visiting our website efreespins , and every day you will find links for coins and spins as soon as they are available.
How many levels are in Coin Master?
    In this moment there are 252 villages (levels) that you can play.
What do the stars mean in Coin Master?
    Stars show your rank and of other players. You can get more stars by building your village and collecting cards.

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